Know the team that’s obsessed with making Cerebroz made possible


World’s first and only startup in the world which can replace live TV ads with positive Education. For this innovation of EduTree government of India has supported and gave lot’s of benefits for this budding startup of India. Cerebroz is one of the most innovative startup of not only just India but of entire globe, So we have received Tax exemption benefits under government's startup India scheme which is given to only handful of startup among the 15 lakh or so startup in the country.

Cerebroz Vision

Cerebroz aspire to make the world where technology can be used to it’s full potential and benefits the mankind in the most positive manner possible. Vision of cerebroz is to make the world where we use technology rather than get used by it. We would like to change the way we get educated and learn things, in addition of using things. That is why cerebroz has embarked on a path to revolutionise the whole education system and the way we use digital media and technology.

EduTree is the answer to world’s problem of digital control on their life. Cerebroz vision is to make great product which can change and revolutionise the way we live and learn in our life.

So far we have always used most of the technology and digital products made and developed in other countries, But EduTree is the world’s first and only product of it’s kind which is developed an invented in India and is going to be used by around the world.