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Why TV Ad replacement with Education?

We don't see any ads carefully but still we remember each and every advertisement, similarly kids will learn by replacing ads with education using EduTree device.

Why EduLock?

Knock Knock - Get Education to Unlock application

EduLock makes screen time more productive by making access to other apps dependent on Educational performance in EduTree device/Mobile app. With EduLock app you can also keep track and secure your kid's digital footprint in connected devices.

EduBrowser: Safe access to Internet!

In addition, you monitoring your kid's digital foot print using EduTree device and app, we also make sure to provide kids-friendly browser for safer internet access.

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Why Edu Videos?

Edu Video

EduVideos are ~100 sec. long, animated, curriculum focuse and GK based educational videos, conceptualised by the team of scientists. Supports Kindergarten to 5th Grade(K5) students.

EduTree's additional features

How EduLock works?

December 16 , 2019

Technology: Boon or Curse for kids?

Globalisation & development has brought many useful changes in the life of the human. Are these changes good in toto or are they affecting us adversely? The question is tricky and so is the answer.

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